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Ultima Shards: Multiverse - Multiple Expansion Servers
AOS Just released - Largest AOS Server - Great Ping TO US/EU
Telif hakkı: 2016
Tarih: 2016-08-20 17:06

I m excited to announce the release of a truly unique Ultima Online experience!

Ultima Shards: Multiverse!

For those of you who have played Ultima Online, you remember the nostalgic blood pumping adrenaline rush that no other game has come close to recreating.
The full sandbox, player driven economy, intense PvP, and amazing customization.

For those that don t it was the first ever MMORPG that paved the way for all future MMORPGS. It is the longest living online game and is still out today.
You were completely attached to your character, and your actions came with consequences.

What is Ultima Shards: Multiverse?
It is a truly unique and ambitious world where all of UO s greatest expansions can be played in one server list, built for an expected playerbase of hundreds on each server.
We are currently set to releasing the AOS (Age of Shadows) expansion first, and we will follow that up with T2A, UOR, and then ML.

Those that aren t fans of a specific era are encouraged to play until the next expansion is released, as you may be able to transfer certain items or even your characters to the other servers as they get released.

Another Freeshard... What s Different?
We strive to make sure that this freeshard will be the only freeshard you will need to play on. We cater to all play styles, (Crafting, PvE, PvP, RP, etc) and have built our world to make sure the mechanics and combat are exactly like you remember before on the original UO game.

We also believe that UO doesn t need to be "old". We ve added some truly amazing features that mirror today s modern games!

Enhanced Guild Experience
We ve completely revamped the Guild System. Players will now be able to create guilds and progress them to level 25 and in doing so, unlocking different companions that can be sent on storyline missions to accumulate guild resources. You can even work as a guild to complete daily and weekly quests for resources as well.
Spend those resources in the Guild Store to unlock Perks (buffs that do things like increase how fast you gain skills) that increase in power as the guild levels up or you can purchase other guild items or Companions. In an upcoming expansion soon after launch, you will be able to use the resources to place your own guild fortress and participate in epic guild-on-guild sieges.

Instanced Dungeons
We ve added some really fun and unique custom instanced dungeons, similar to World of Warcraft. All the normal dungeons are the same, but there are special dungeons that you can create or join a group and attempt to tackle. All these bosses have special abilities and require the group to be coordinated and reactive in order to survive. We have also adapted the Need/Greed/Pass looting system like modern MMOs for these dungeons as well.

Competitive Achievements
Race against everyone else to complete world first achievements and to complete the most of them! Find and unlock hidden achievements as well!
There are hundreds of them and more will be added regularly.

+ Much More!

Uggh, I have to train my skills again?
Dont worry! Skillgain trains fairly quickly on Ultima Shards. You dont have to spend weeks of your life training. In most cases, you will have all your stats raised in a day or two and you can gm your skills in just a few days!

Join hundreds of others on your favorite Ultima Online expansions all in one place!

Hope to see you guys there! Hopefully someone will lead a MISC army!

New freeshard called Ultima Shards: Multiverse released July 2nd, 2016.
It will host T2A, UOR, AOS, and ML expansions, starting with AOS first.
Play with hundreds of people from day one.

Server is currently open anyone who d like to check us out!
To save you time, here s the login info:
IP: portal.ultima-shards.com
Port: 2593

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Ultima Shards: Multiverse - Multiple Expansion Servers
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